WCS Print Services 2024 (RFP#004)

Q: How do I submit a question about this RFP?

A: Please email James Doyen <doyenjp@gowcs.net>

Q: Can you provide the breakout of the annual BW and Color volumes by device?

A: Appendix A has the annual volume listed for every device in our fleet along with whether it is a mono or color device. If you’re wondering how many black and white prints get sent to the colored printers, assume zero.

Q: Please clarify Base Bid 1 and 2 Are Base. Is Base Bid 1 for the lease/purchase of new MFPs only and Base Bid 2 is the services portion of the agreement for both the new MFPs and the existing HPs, and they will be awarded together?

A: Base bid 1 is for the purchase of copiers. Base bid 2 is for a managed service contract. They will be evaluated and awarded separately. For example, we could potentially end up going with purchasing copiers from company A and a managed service contract from company B.

Q: Are you using fax cards or an electronic fax solution?  If electronic fax, which one and did we need to have any integration with it?

A: We are using fax cards, not efax.

Q: Do you have 20A outlets at the sites where the high-speed >80PPM devices are located?  If not, do you have the ability to install the outlets?

A: We do have 20A outlets for those devices.

Q: XIV SCOPE OF CONTRACT A-iii-f) What does secure print compatible refer to?  Will you be implementing print management software and card readers in the future?

A: The copiers need to allow our end users to enable a setting to require that a password be entered at the copier to print off their documents. We do not currently have print management software with card readers for secure printing.

Q: Currently only 10 of your devices have fax capability.  Do you want to add fax boards to all 15 MFP's?

A: Please include the cost for fax boards on all 15 MFP’s in the offer since that is what was requested. If we end up needing less, we can work that out later.

Q: It looks like the PPMs on the devices listed in the RFP should be divided by 4 to get the correct PPM speeds. Can you confirm?

A: The required specs should have said IPM instead of PPM. That was a typo. Please match (or exceed) the images per minute rating of our existing copiers for the proposed replacement units.

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