Wilson Talent Center

Posted by Adam Spina on 11/28/2018 4:35:00 PM

In various conversations across the community, I am frequently asked about opportunities for students to enroll in Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses or if we will offer those programs again in the future. These conversations have indicated we need to do a better job of communicating the wide variety of exceptional CTE classes and certifications offered at the Wilson Talent Center for qualifying Juniors and Seniors. Consequently, we will soon be taking our entire 10th-grade class to tour the facility, but it is also something that I encourage families with children in other grade levels to learn more about.    

The Wilson Talent Center provides opportunities for students to take specialized classes in preparation for university enrollment, explore a potential career pathway, or complete a professional certification program. It also provides a unique opportunity for WHS students to study with peers from across Ingham County who have like interests. Enrollment in many of Wilson’s programs provides an extension of our K-12 STEAM initiative, providing students with authentic learning experiences that can put them ahead of their peers when starting college or lead to employment opportunities upon graduation.

A common misconception I have heard includes the idea that Wilson is an “alternative” high school, with the connotation that it is not for students who have excelled in a traditional classroom setting. In reality, Wilson offers opportunities for students with a diverse range of interests and future plans. There are options for students preparing for a university education, interested in studying a trade, earning a certification, license, or attending an academy. Currently, 20 different CTE programs are offered. Examples include cybersecurity and digital forensics, bioscience, and four different levels of medical field preparation. Students interested in automotive technology, law enforcement, aviation, and precision machining have the opportunity to utilize first-class facilities and learn from experts in those fields. Bottom line, our mission statement is to prepare students to be college or career ready and Wilson provides the opportunity to do either. I encourage you to find out more and see if enrollment at the Wilson Talent Center might be a good fit for your child, either now or in the future. Learn more by visiting Wilson’s website (which is linked to “Our Schools” on the WCS Homepage), talking to a guidance counselor, or attending the Open House on December 12 (see flyer here).