Dual Purpose Working Dog Update

Posted by Adam Spina on 4/18/2024 7:11:00 AM

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Dual Purpose Working Dog Update:

WCS has partnered with Zebra K9 (and before, Elite Detection K9) to provide a dual-purpose working dog for our District. Gemini and her handler Mrs. Even, continue to have a significant positive impact on our schools.

Gemini assists with announcing indoor recess at Williamston Middle School:

Gemini helps at WMS

Gemini actively patrols the district every day, starting before students arrive. Her flexibility and responsiveness enhance deterrence and foster a greater sense of security. So far this semester, she has conducted over 3,000 firearm and explosives patrols and hundreds of individual backpack and vehicle sweeps. Data from our June 2023 community survey indicated that 89% of students, staff, and parents felt schools were safer with the addition of the detection team.

Gemini providing a recycling reminder:

Gemini provides a recycling reminder

Furthermore, Gemini has formed unique connections with our staff and students. She has supported the District’s overall mental health and social-emotional learning goals. In just the past three months, Gemini tallied over 1,500 interactions with students needing social-emotional support in addition to providing many student escorts. Her involvement with this initiative is noticed and deeply appreciated. As most are aware, Gemini and Mrs. Even were selected by WHS students to be the Grand Marshals of this year’s Homecoming Parade. 

Gemini at Homecoming, 2023

Gemini is making a meaningful difference in our schools. Learn more via the links below:

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Students interact with Daisy, an additional social-emotional support dog who volunteers part-time at Williamston High School courtesy of Ms. Kim O’Brien: