Sinking Fund Update

Posted by Adam Spina on 5/20/2021 8:01:00 AM

WCS pledged to maintain transparency with expenditures associated with the District Sinking Fund when it was approved by voters in August of 2018. Below is a summary of significant projects in which the fund was utilized as well as a preview of upcoming facility improvements.


Secure Entrance Construction at Williamston High School: $235,000

Transportation Department Parking Lot Repaving: $90,000

Advanced Entrance Control System: $40,000

Boiler and Chiller Replacement and Repairs: $50,000


The secure entrance project at Williamston High School underway, summer of 2019:

High School Secure Entrance Construction, 2019


Explorer Elementary Roof Replacement: $390,000

Williamston Middle School Gym Roof Replacement: $80,000


The roof at Explorer Elementary being replaced, summer of 2020:

Explorer Roof Replacement, 2020

Upcoming Sinking Fund Expenditures, Summer of 2021:

Roof repairs/replacement at Williamston High School: $185,000

Tennis Court Resurfacing: $56,000

Student Chromebook Replacement: $24,000


One of the primary goals of the Sinking Fund was the redesign of building entrances, ensuring a more secure environment for students and staff during the school day. In order to maximize available funding for the potential completion of those projects during the summer of 2022, the District is transferring an additional $50,000 from the 2021 budget to the following year. Bids for the final buildings needing secured entrances will be completed this summer with the goal of construction taking place during the summer of 2022. A final determination on the timeline for those projects will be made by the Board of Education once the bid results have been received. 

Community members can view additional photos of Sinking Fund-related projects as well as actual and projected annual budgets by accessing the Sinking Fund webpage under the “Our District” tab on the District Website. If there are any questions regarding the Sinking Fund, please feel free to contact me. WCS remains extremely grateful for the support of the community regarding this invaluable resource.


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