2nd Semester Drop/Add sign up

2nd Semester Schedule Change Requests (drops/adds)

WHS will be offering scheduled DROP AND ADD sessions for all students requesting a 2nd semester class schedule change (this is the same schedule change request format offered prior to the start of the school year).  Students may request schedule changes only during these scheduled sessions:

  • Wednesday, January 16: 12:00-2:30 PM
  • Thursday, January 17: 12:00-2:30 PM

Please be aware, the master schedule is very tight, and we are anticipating that we will be unable to accommodate the majority of schedule change requests.  Additionally, schedule change requests must comply with the following requirements:

  • Class change requests must be within the same hour (ex: dropping a 2nd hour class requires switching into another second hour class).  
  • Class section numbers must have room to allow the class change.  
  • Class changes will not be made because a student wants to be with his/her friends.

Any student wishing to request a schedule change should make an appointment at https://www.myconferencetime.com/williamstonhs/.  The appointment link will be active at

8:00 AM on Monday, January 7, 2019; students may sign up for any available appointment time.  Only at these sessions will a counselor attempt to change a student’s schedule.  Schedule changes made during the drop/add sessions will be reflected on schedules posted on PowerSchool prior to the first day of the 2nd semester.  

Schedule changes will not be made after the Drop/Adds sessions ending January 17, 2019.  Only course schedules meeting the specific criteria for consideration of schedule changes outlined in the student handbook will be reviewed by administration (specific details on the schedule change policy can be located in the Student Handbook online at https://www.gowcs.net/domain/77).  Although this is a change to the practice of addressing schedule change requests, it is not a change to schedule change policy.  However, holding to strict guidelines for schedule changes will provide teachers with firm class rosters so that they may begin teaching in earnest on the first day of the semester.


2nd Semester WHS Add/Drop Permission form