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WCS Bands Perform at Pre-Festival Concert

The WCS bands performed a series of concerts in preparation for the 2020 MSBOA District Band Festival. The pre-festival concerts included a dress rehearsal performance as well as feedback from a guest clinician.

During the festival, bands are assessed by three adjudicators who focus on the areas of tone, intonation, rhythm, technique, and instruction. As part of the pre-festival performance, and outside clinician provides real-time feedback to students and assists them in specific areas that have demonstrated an opportunity for improvement. A Division I rating is the highest rating that can be earned at the District Band Festival.

The 2020 District Band Festival will be held at Okemos High School. Dates and times are listed below:

February 27: WHS Symphony Band, 3:05 pm

February 28: WMS 7th-Grade Band, 9:25 am

February 28: WMS 8th-Grade Band, 10:30 am

View a portion of the concert by selecting the link here.

Pre-festival concert, 2020

Pre-festival band, 2020