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Explorer Students Spend Week at Impression 5 Science Center

Fourth-grade students from Explorer Elementary visited the Impression 5 science center for their Big Science Lesson. A tradition for nearly 20 years, the collaboration between the science center and WCS teachers provides a unique and authentic learning experience for students.

Impression 5 Visit 2019

The Big Science Lesson was originally introduced and piloted by Mrs. Crittenden, who has been instrumental in making this a successful program at the science center. Teachers work in concert with the staff at the science center to create a customized, integrated program for the week they are there. Thus far this year, two fourth-grade classes have completed the Big Science lesson at Impression 5. Remaining fourth-grade classes at Explorer will be participating in the Big Science Lesson later in the school year.

Impression 5 visit 2019

Impression 5 Visit