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Williamston Students and Teachers Participate in Kids' College Summer Camp

Teachers from WCS continued the tradition of leading Kids' College, a gifted and talented program held at Michigan State University. Fourth and Fifth-grade students from Explorer Elementary and other area schools attended the week-long day camp. 

Kids' College is organized by the Gifted and Talented Office at the Ingham Intermediate School District (IISD). Michigan State University and Lansing Community College collaborate with the IISD to provide GATE programs for local elementary and secondary students. Learn more about available programs here.

Williamston was well represented with students at this year's summer camp. Teachers from WCS who taught at Kids' College this year include:

Ms. Conni Crittenden, Explorer Elementary, Kids' College Program Director

Ms. Libbey Jones, Explorer Elementary

Mr. Sean Ferguson, Discovery and Explorer Elementary

Ms. Kelly Eddy, Williamston Middle School

Mr. Dan Keith, Williamston Middle School

Mr. Brett Meteyer, Explorer Elementary

Kids' College 2019

Kids' College 2019

Kids' College 2019