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Williamston Middle School Announces Student Merit and President's Award Recipients

WMS announced students who earned 2019 Merit Awards and President's Awards for Educational Excellence. Merit awards winners are nominated by faculty for demonstrating significant academic gains, outstanding citizenship, or demonstrating acts of kindness. President's Awards recognize students who earn all A's in each semester from 6-8th grade.


These 8th-grade students received all A’s for each semester from 6th to 8th grade:

  1. Jessey                             
  2. Megan 
  3. Samantha                   
  4. Naomi                         
  5. Lanell            
  6. Will                            
  7. Emma             
  8. Parker                         
  9. Isabelle             
  10. Norah       
  11. Maggie                   
  12. Maggie
  13. Isabel
  14. Austin
  15. Shaelyn
  16. Leisya
  17. Meah
  18. Alex
  19. Zachary
  20. Corrina
  21. Marie
  22. Olivia
  23. Madeline

7th-grade Merit Award Recipients:

7th Grade Merit Award 2019

6th-grade Merit Award Recipients:

6th-grade Merit Award 2019