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Discovery Students Participate in "Horse Tales Literacy Project"

All first-grade classrooms at Discovery Elementary visited the MSU Horse Barnes as part of the "Horse Tales Literacy Project." During this out-of-school learning experience, students participated in mini-lessons on horse behavior, care, and travel, as well as practicing literacy skills by reading aloud.

Students attended 10 different stations throughout the day. The topics covered included:

  1. Reading to a horse-Students sat on bales of hay and read from the book that was purchased for them. These books were all horse tales.
  2. Farrier- Students learned about how a horseshoe is made and attached to the horse’s hoof.
  3. Nutrition-Horses’ diet and treats were covered at this station.
  4. Tack and Equipment-English and western saddles, bridles, and reins were discussed. The children were able to sit on the saddles. Giddy Up!
  5. Coloring Station-Lots of pretty colors were used to color in horse pictures. Did you know purple is a horse color, not just in The Wizard of Oz?
  6. Foals-Foals, colts, and fillies. What’s the difference? Such beautiful babies and we even got to pet them!
  7. Horse Trailer-How do horses travel? Well in a deluxe trailer with room for the humans to change into their show clothes.
  8. Basic behavior-Did you know horses have a blind spot in front of their eyes? Did you know they sleep standing up some of the time?
  9. Grooming-We watched a four-time horse champion get even prettier with a few strokes of a brush. Then it was our turn.
  10. Snack and reading warm up

Horse Tales Literacy Project

Horse Tales Literacy Project