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Engineering Concepts and Earth Science

Earth Science students at Williamston High School designed structures capable of withstanding an "earthquake" as simulated by a shake table. The integration of foundational engineering concepts in science classes are part of the District's K-12 STEAM initiative. 

The implementation of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) principles into core content is a critical component of evidence-based instruction provided to students at WCS. The Earth Science course at the Williamston High School serves as a capstone science course which includes elements of physics, chemistry, and biology in the curriculum. This engineering oriented Earth Science unit required students to apply design concepts to specific science content, apply scientific reasoning, and budget for the purchase of available materials to build with. Final structures needed to remain standing for 15 seconds once placed on the shake table.  

Designing Earthquake Resistant Structures

Shake Table in Earth Science Class

Using a shake table in Earth Science (Earthquake Simulation)