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WSF Awards $28,000 in Grants

The Williamston Schools Foundation awarded $28,000 in grants to Williamston Educators. The grants are designed to support innovative instructional practices. The competitive grant process is conducted twice every school year. Below is a complete list of all the grants that the WSF awarded for fall 2018. 

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WSF Grants Fall 2018

Andrea George:

Exploration of our Universe

Roughly 140 5th graders will get to experience the wonders of the universe through Abrams Planetarium at Michigan State University. Students will get to see three different presentations covering the moon, constellations, and planets. Enhancing their science curriculum.


Explorer Elementary 3rd Grade Team:

Reaching all Learners with Chromebooks in the Classroom

25 Chromebooks

With growing class sizes and an increase in student interest, the 3rd-grade team plans to use these Chromebooks to help their group of students stay current with the most up to date and engaging programs.


Lindsey Bollis:

8th Grade Social Studies Blended Learning Classroom

7 Chromebooks

Having access to Chromebooks in Lindsey’s classroom is vital to her teaching as it allows for enhanced engagement and collaboration amongst students.  Students will be able to think outside of the textbook and become independent thinkers in the research process.


Pete Cool:

Helping Students Save Lives

Each of our schools is equipped with an AED machine.  Through this grant 7th-grade students will get to participate in learning life savings skills on an AED trainer.  In doing so it will allow them to use the AED machine with confidence in the event an emergency presents itself.


Judah Weeks:

Let’s Play Those Timpani and Keep them Safe!

These drums ultimately will replace older equipment that is beyond repair. Middle school students will be using these drums on a daily basis and will help in increasing the depth of the sound of the band.  The usage of these percussion instruments will aid in making sure the band is in tune with each other and allow the percussionists to learn tuning skills.


John Travis:

Poison Dart Frog Vivarium

Students in the High School Biology classes will get a “hands-on” learning experience with hosting a Vivarium.  In working with Rick Pruess, from Pruess Pets, the students will be able to experience a variety of aspects from the Biology curriculum that can’t be experienced through a video or textbook.  Eight dart frogs will be taking up residence in the Math and Science Pods and will be sparking a new interest in the world of Science.


Adelle Banister:

Get a “Kick” Out of PE

This program will focus on a full unit of cardio kickboxing and an introduction to basic self-defense.  High School physical education students will get a new way to increase their strength, coordination, balance, flexibility, agility, and cardio-respiratory endurance and confidence with this program. 


Dr. Adam Spina:

District LanSchool Device Management

Classroom instructional time will be much more efficient with LanSchool as it allows teachers to have complete control over Chromebooks while being used by students in the classroom. As the district continues to better utilize technology as an instructional tool and increase student access to mobile devices, LanSchool creates a safe and effective instructional framework that enhances instruction and improves classroom management.


Williamston High School English Department:

Creating 21st Century Writers

30 Chromebooks

With the 25 different sections of English classes offered this year this group of English teachers want to keep their students more academically honest.  Having more Chromebooks available will allow for a better evaluation of resources found online, fewer grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as give students more confidence in their writing skills.

WSF Grants Fall 2018