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WHS Students Participate in Art Challenge

Six Williamston High School students received awards in the Niagara Foundation's Peace Quest Art Challenge for works inspired by the theme of Displaced Children and Lost Hopes. Mrs. Meagan Kubu, art teacher at Williamston High School, said, "This was a theme with which my students wrestled.  Some chose to depict the hurt and pain of the situation these children are in. Others chose to focus on hope for the future and the fighting spirit these children have. Overall, it was eye-opening for us as a class to research current events and put ourselves in these children's shoes."

The artwork was submitted to the Niagara Foundation and was on display this summer at multiple venues in the Greater Lansing Area, with winners selected by public vote.   The awards ceremony was held at MSU on September 30th during the Peace Quest Celebration--an event that focuses on practical steps we all can take to promote peace, resolve conflicts, learn about other faiths and cultures, and encourage mutual understanding.

The Niagara Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote intercultural and interfaith dialogue and to encourage cultural exchange through social, art, and educational events. It's dedicated to building a platform where people from all walks of life can come together and appreciate their differences and similarities in a friendly atmosphere. You can find more information at

Honorable mentions and $20 went to Emma(Junior), Kenzie (Senior), and Olivia (Sophomore).

Third place and $50 went to Olivia (Junior).

Second place and $75 went to Allison (2018 Graduate).

First place and $100 went to Jasmyne (Junior).

Art Challenge Paintings

Art Challenge