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WHS Students Participate in Teen Court

Advanced Placement Government students participated in Teen Court under the direction of Ms. Anne Wade.  This is a program run by Child and Family Charities to help support children after they have committed a crime utilizing Restorative Justice Principles  WHS students served as jurors for five of their peers from Ingham County. They listened to narratives from the defendant, their parents or guardians, and social workers.  After hearing the defense and asking questions, WHS students were given time to deliberate and decide on a plan on action for the defendant and his/her family.  Participation in Teen Court is in keeping with the WCS initiative to incorporate Restorative Practices when applicable and beneficial to the school community. Find out more about the Teen Court program here.
In the winter another 50 students will be attending Teen Court with new WHS civics teacher, Ms. Erin Richards.
Teen Court