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WCS Students Experience Solar Eclipse

Williamston students observed the solar eclipse and participated in a variety of related activities. Teachers integrated the event into various science, writing, and art lessons to enhance student learning and appreciation of the eclipse. 

Y5 Students observe the 2024 solar eclipse

Explorer Elementary students created eclipse-themed artwork:

Eclipse Artwork by Explorer Elementary students

Discovery Elementary students used the pinhole system to observe the eclipse:

Pinhole Eclipse viewing, 2024

A disco ball was used to project the eclipse on the side of the school in this first-grade classroom:

Eclipse projection, 2024

Lower elementary teachers helped students create paper masks with integrated glasses to ensure a safer viewing experience:

Paper plate masks, 2024

Explorer Elementary students view the solar eclipse: 

Explorer Elementary student view the solar eclipse, 2024

Williamston Middle School students viewing the solar eclipse:

WMS students viewing the 2024 solar eclipse

Students at Williamston High School waiting for the eclipse to begin:

WHS students waiting for the solar eclipse to being