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WMS Students Participate in We the Students Showcase

Students enrolled in the Advanced 8th Grade US History Course at Williamston Middle School participated in the "We the Students Showcase" at Wayne State University. The event promotes student research and debate on significant historical civics-related topics. 

Wayne State We the Student Hearings, 2024

Students traveled to Wayne State University Law School to present testimony on questions related to the application of the US Constitution in both historical and modern times. Students were able to engage with peers from all over the state while presenting to a diverse group of scholars. From this experience, students further developed research skills, deepened their understanding of Constitutional concepts and Supreme Court case rulings, and gained public speaking experience on a public platform.

Learn more about the program here.  

The "We the Students" program is facilitated by the Michigan Civic Center for Education. The Advanced 8th Grade US History Course is taught by Ms. Lindsey Bollis.

WMS students participate in hearings at Wayne State University:

We the Students Hearings, 2024

Wayne State We the Student hearings, 2024