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Williamston Educator Nominated for Michigan Teacher of the Year

Williamston Middle School Educator Cassandra Eberhardt has been nominated for the 2024-2025 Michigan Teacher of the Year award.

Ms. Cassandra Eberhardt

Ms. Eberhardt joined WCS as a seventh-grade social studies teacher in 2021. She previously taught at Windemere Park Charter Academy in Lansing, where she also served as the social studies department chair. Ms. Eberhardt holds a Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum and a Bachelor of Arts in History, both from Michigan State University. 

Students participate in a simulation during Ms. Eberhardt's seventh-grade social studies class:

Students participate in a simulation in their seventh-grade social studies class.

Educators at WCS continue to be nominated for and receive local, state, and national recognitions. These include participation in the Michigan Teacher of the Year Program. Recently nominated WCS educators include Mr. Jon Gere (WMS Visual Arts) and Mr. Ray Herek (WHS Mathematics and Computer Science), who was a state finalist in 2017.

Congratulations to Ms. Eberhardt for receiving this prestigious and well-deserved recognition.