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WCS Expands First Robotics Opportunities

Williamston continues to expand STEAM learning opportunities for students through its participation in First Robotics. This year, Explorer Elementary fielded two teams due to increased student interest. The middle school team competed in its first-ever in-person event.

WMS Middle School Robotics Team Practice, 2023

The Williamston Middle School team finished 28 and 36 teams in their debut in-person First event.  The competition took place in Flint. The team took away many lessons learned that will benefit them next season.

WMS First Robotics Team, 2023 

Explorer Elementary expanded to two teams this year. The upper elementary competition was held at Waverly High School. This was the second year of First Robotics participation for the Explorer teams. Both teams improved in their second season in a competitive environment that included 43 teams from throughout Mid-Michigan.

Explorer Elementary First Robotics, 2023

The Williamston High School First Robotics season will commence after the Winter Holidays.

Williamston Robotics