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German Exchange Program Returns to WHS

Williamston High School participated in the 10th annual exchange with students from the Wilhelm Gymnasium in Braunschweig, Germany. This year marked the first time the exchange has occurred since the Covid-19 pandemic. 

WHS German Exchange, 2023

This fall, 14 Williamston High School students and their families participated in the exchange with Wilhelm Gymnasium students. While the German exchange students were in Williamston, they toured Williamston, the Depot, and Branch School House, as well as visiting other Michigan attractions.

Members of the Williamston Marching Band welcome exchange students with a performance:

German Exchange, 2023

WHS Sophomores got a chance to learn about Germany through presentations from the German students in World History classes. The students and families enjoyed making lifelong connections and many of our students look forward to visiting their exchange partners in Germany in June. 

WHS German Exchange, 2023

The Williamston exchange program is supported via ongoing sponsorship by the Pfeifle Foundation. Learn more about the foundation and how it provides unique study-abroad opportunities for Williamston students at the link here.