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Summer Facilities Preparations Continue

Facilities enhancements continue in advance of students returning for the 2023-2024 school year. Items include aesthetic upgrades to learning environments, sidewalk repairs, and additional safety infrastructure.

Examples of projects scheduled to be completed just before school begins are listed below.

Explorer Elementary gymnasium painting:

Explorer Gym Painting, 2023

Sidewalk repairs in select locations throughout the District:

Sidewalk Repairs, 2023

Updated Hornet Cafe and kitchen area at Williamston High School:

Hornet Cafe, 2023

Gym floor refinishing at Discovery Elementary:

Discovery gym floor refinishing

Additional security camera installation at Explorer Elementary:

Security Camera Installation at Explorer Elementary, 2023

Math and Science Wing painting at Williamston High School:

Math and Science Wing Painting, WHS, 2023

Hallway classroom signs at Explorer Elementary:

Hallway signs installed at Explorer Elementary, 2023

Vape detector installation at Williamston High School:

Vape detector installation at Williamston High School

E-Sports team room renovation underway at Williamston High School:

E-Sports Room Renovation Underway at WHS, 2023