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Summer Projects Underway

Work is underway on an extensive list of facility, safety, and technology projects across the District. Various sources, including the District Sinking Fund, support the enhancements.

Below are projects completed during the first half of summer break in 2023. Additional initiatives have started or will commence during July and August. 

Elementary Playground Resurfacing (Sinking Fund):

Elementary Playground Resurfacing, 2023

Middle School Parking Lot Resurfacing (Sinking Fund):

Middle School Parking Lot Resurfacing, 2023

Elementary Walking Path Resurfacing (Sinking Fund):

Elementary Walking Path Resurfacing, 2023

Tennis Court Repairs (Sinking Fund):

Tennis Court Repairs, 2023

Community Pool Boiler Replacement (Sinking Fund):

Community Pool Boiler Replacement, 2023

High School Parking Lot Sink Hole Repair (Sinking Fund):

High School Sink Hole Repair, 2023

Classroom identification hallway signs (Section 97 School Safety Categorical Funds):

Classroom identification hallways signs, 2023

Preschool classroom flooring replacement (Childcare Stabilization Grant):

Preschool classroom flooring replacement, 2023