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Summer Facility Renovations Underway

WCS has initiated facility enhancements throughout the District. Highlights include roof replacement and a new research laboratory at Williamston High School and resurfacing the tennis courts at the athletics park. 

New cabinets are installed as part of a research laboratory being constructed at Williamston High School. The $150,000 project was completely sponsored by an anonymous donor:

 Research  Lab at WHS, June 2021

Roof replacement begins at Williamston High School:

Roof Replacement at WHS, Summer 2021

The Williamston tennis court facility will be completely resurfaced, with upgrades in place for the beginning of the fall 2021 tennis season:

Tennis Court Resurfacing, June 2021

A list of facility renovations projected to be completed throughout the summer of 2021:



Funding Source

High School Roof Replacement


Sinking Fund

Tennis Court Resurfacing


Sinking Fund

High School Research Lab



McGoff Lighting 


Special Projects

Middle School Office Furniture


Special Projects

Walk-in Freezer at Middle School


Food Service

Additional Projects

Central Office Lobby Painting


Special Projects

Elementary Bus Loop Patching/Paving



Kids’ Corner Hallway Painting


Special Projects

High School Office Restroom Floor


Special Projects

High School Storm Drains



Washing Under Exterior Windows



Middle School Office Carpet


Building Budget

Middle School Landscaping



Discovery Hallway Carpet Repair


Special Projects

High School Hornet Statue Base Repair



Classroom Painting (various locations)


Building Budgets