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  • Safe Routes and Spring Break

    Posted by Adam Spina on 3/23/2023 2:25:00 PM

    District Podcast Special Edition

    This edition features Williamston High School Social Studies Educator Anne Wade. Listen to it here or use the following links:


    Safe Routes and Spring Break:

    If you were unable to attend the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Community Meeting this week, the slide deck from the presentation can be viewed here. If you have feedback on the proposed grant projects, please contact me at It will be helpful to the many organizations involved that any comments reference or include a specific image or overlay from the SRTS presentation. Please relay feedback no later than April 20th so that it can be incorporated into the next step of the grant application process. 

    A reminder that the District will be closed on Friday, April 7, 2023 (Good Friday). Wishing our Williamston families a safe and restful spring break.

    Ready for Spring Break? The Williamston High School courtyard during a recent snowfall:

    Snowfall in the WHS Courtyard

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  • Safe Routes to School Grant Update

    Posted by Adam Spina on 3/16/2023 10:21:00 AM

    District Podcast Special Edition

    This edition features Deputy Superintendent and Explorer Elementary Principal Kelly Campbell. Listen to it here or use the following links:


    Safe Routes to School Grant Update:

    WCS continues its collaboration with Michigan State University, the Michigan Fitness Foundation, the Michigan Department of Transportation, and other state and local partners on a Safe Routes to School grant initiative. The grant could bring as much as one million dollars to Williamston which would provide infrastructure enhancements allowing students to safely walk or bike to school. 

    The next public meeting is on Tuesday, March 21st, at 6:00 pm. It is remote. The meeting will include the results of the SRTS survey and the recommendations for site improvements in our community. Please see the flyer below for more information and the Zoom Link.

    SRTS March Meeting Flyer

    SRTS March Meeting Flyer

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  • Williamston Wins Second Consecutive Fields of Excellence Award

    Posted by Adam Spina on 3/8/2023 7:22:00 AM

    District Podcast Special Edition

    This edition features Williamston High School Principal Dr. Steve Delp. Listen to it here or use the following links:


    Williamston Wins Second Consecutive Fields of Excellence Award:

    WCS was named a 2022 Fields of Excellence Award recipient by Pioneer Athletics. This is the second year in a row that our District has received the honor. Larkin Nortman Memorial Field was selected as one of the best natural grass athletic playing surfaces in the country.

    2022 Fields of Excellence Badge

    Congratulations to Lead Groundskeeper Ryan VanSickler and the entire WCS maintenance department for earning this national-level honor.

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  • Williamston’s Overall Bond Rating Upgraded Again

    Posted by Adam Spina on 3/3/2023 10:01:00 AM

    February/March District Podcast

    Listen to it here or use the following links:


    Williamston’s Overall Bond Rating Upgraded Again:

    The overall bond rating of Williamston Community Schools was upgraded this week by Moody’s. The District’s rating increased to A2 from A3. Moody’s stated its positive evaluation was “because of the district’s growing reserves and improved budgeting practices.” The District’s overall rating has increased by five positions in the past four years. 

    Additionally, WCS was selected at random to be monitored by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) for its utilization of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds (ESSER). After its review, MDE informed WCS that the Compliance Team noted no findings or concerns related to ESSER expenditures. 

    As communicated earlier this winter, WCS again received an unmodified (clean) audit for the 2021-22 school year. This reflects strong internal fiscal practices and good stewardship of taxpayer funding.

    WCS is committed to maintaining financial stability. We continue to rebound from difficult financial circumstances caused by mid-Michigan’s previous economic recession. The rating increases from Moody’s and the results of our audits indicate WCS is demonstrating success in this area.

    2023 Williamston Area Chamber of Commerce Community Awards Recipients:

    2023 WACC Award Recipients


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  • School Safety

    Posted by Adam Spina on 2/16/2023 3:02:00 PM

    District Podcast Special Edition

    This edition features elementary visual arts educator Angie Herek. Listen to it here or use the following links:


    School Safety:

    We have faced our second week in a row dealing with school safety issues. These have been difficult for our entire community. It is a tragic reality that we are all coping with situations that were once unimaginable in schools. 

    District and school leadership have invested an immense amount of time in school safety and student mental health. Enhancements to school safety are ongoing and necessary work. Based on lessons learned, we continue to make revisions to our Emergency Operations Plan. It is, however, troubling that schools are now responsible for defending against violence that should never be allowed to occur in the first place. These are, after all, schools.

    We know that it is good for our students to be in school, engaged in their routines, co-curricular activities, and Valentine's parties. I am grateful to our staff and parents who put on a brave face to support children while still, themselves, processing the fear and loss experienced this week. Similarly, I appreciate the collaboration between home and school which maintains our collective security and provides comfort for all Williamston students.  

    We are looking to hire an additional school social worker to assist students at Williamston Middle School. The job posting can be found here if you know someone who might be interested.

    Wishing our community a peaceful holiday weekend.

    School Resource Officer Pelong interacts with elementary students during lunch:

    Officer Pelong interacting with students at the elementary campus.

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  • Sextortion

    Posted by Adam Spina on 2/9/2023 1:15:00 PM

    District Podcast Special Edition

    This edition features Supervisor of Transportation Pam VanSickler. Listen to it here or use the following links:



    Williamston Community Schools and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are collaborating on an initiative to prevent students from becoming victims of “sextortion.” Sextortion is defined as when a victim’s nude photograph is used as leverage to extort money or more photographs. Often, if the victim does not pay (or send additional photographs), the nude photograph(s) are sent to the victim’s social media friends. 

    A Special Agent from the FBI presents the dangers of sextortion to WHS students and staff at a recent assembly:

    FBI Sextortion Assembly, 2023

    The FBI has observed an increase in sextortion crime. Adolescent children are particularly susceptible and are being targeted. In addition to the financial impact of this crime, the FBI has noted detrimental effects of sextortion on the mental health of children. Some cases have led to death by suicide.


    The FBI has already provided an overview of sextortion to all WHS and WMS students. An anonymous follow-up poll taken at the middle school revealed the vast majority of students found the information to be beneficial regarding their online relationships and behavior. Now is an opportune time to reinforce these lessons at home via age-appropriate conversations.


    We encourage parents to learn more about sextortion, especially if their children have access to Smartphones and other similar devices. The FBI has prepared a website that might be helpful for parents looking for more information. It can be accessed at the link here. Thank you for your support regarding this matter. 


    Stop-Arm Cameras:

    WCS school buses have been equipped with external stop-arm cameras. If a vehicle runs the stop arm sign when it is deployed, an image will be captured of the vehicle's license plate. The WCS Transportation Department will relay these records to local law enforcement for appropriate action. Please assist us with protecting students by spreading awareness. Oncoming vehicles must stop when a bus deploys its stop-arm.

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  • Detection & Emotional Support Dog Team

    Posted by Adam Spina on 2/2/2023 12:55:00 PM

    District Podcast Special Edition

    This edition features Williamston High School Business Teacher Dana Plaxton. Listen to it here or use the following links:


    Detection & Emotional Support Dog Team 

    Continuous improvement of school safety is one of the District’s top priorities (see Board Goal #4). As discussed during the School Safety Forum in December, WCS has been actively exploring a number of additional proactive safety and student support measures. As part of that ongoing initiative, I am pleased to announce a pilot partnership with Elite Detection K9 (EDK9).

    On February 13, 2023, WCS will welcome a detection and emotional support dog team. 

    This certified safety dog team can detect firearms, explosives, and other items which are prohibited in our buildings. It will act as a proactive solution and deterrent to bringing illegal items onto school property. The team will provide another layer to school safety and proactively deter unlawful behavior.

    Our K9 team will accomplish this by:

    • Monitoring students and visitors as they enter our buildings

    • Monitoring hallways and lockers between class periods

    • Sniffing backpacks and bags

    • Sweeping the perimeter of the school buildings and cars in the parking lot

    • Providing security escorts as necessary

    When not actively searching for prohibited items, the dog will be an emotional support animal. This will provide students and staff with another mental health outlet as well as safe social interaction opportunities during the school day. 

    Meet our safety dog team:


    K9: Gemini is a 19-month-old female Black Labrador Retriever. Her scent-detection capabilities are six times that of a human’s. In fact, she can detect a teaspoon of sugar in the amount of water that fills two Olympic-sized swimming pools (that’s 1 million gallons of water). Humans can only detect a teaspoon of sugar in a cup of coffee!


    Handler: Serenity Even has been a dog trainer for over three years and is a proud team member of Michigan Search & Rescue. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University in animal science and animal biology with a veterinary concentration.


    WCS K9 Team

    The pilot program with Elite Detection K9 was supported by a generous, anonymous donation. At the conclusion of the school year, we anticipate sending a survey to collect feedback on the utilization of a dual-purpose service animal in our schools. 

    Please join me in welcoming Gemini and Serenity to the Williamston community!

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  • Williamston Area Chamber of Commerce Community Awards

    Posted by Adam Spina on 1/26/2023 10:00:00 AM

    District Podcast Special Edition

    This edition features Boys Basketball Head Coach Koji Vroom. Listen to it here or use the following links:


    Williamston Area Chamber of Commerce Community Awards

    The Williamston Area Chamber of Commerce has announced its 2022-2023 Community Award recipients. Robert Duffey was selected as Educator of the Year. Mr. Duffey has served as a member of the Williamston High School faculty for 28 years. He is widely known as an outstanding member of the English Language Arts Department and his many years as a basketball coach. Mr. Duffey is recognized for his ability to develop meaningful relationships with students, providing rigorous instruction, his steady demeanor and insightful leadership. 

    The Chamber also selected the Williamston Food Service Department as Restaurant of the Year. The department was noted for its service to the community during the pandemic. The food service staff worked non-stop throughout that period preparing food, setting up meal distribution sites and delivering meals to families throughout the greater Williamston area. 

    The Community Awards Dinner will be held at the Commons on February 23 at 6:00 pm. Tickets can be purchased online at the Chamber website or by selecting the link here

    2022-2023 Chamber Community Award Recipients:

    • Business of the Year: In KinD Bakery
    • New Business of the Year: Michigan Home Sales - Howard Hanna Real Estate Executives
    • Restaurant of the Year: Williamston Community Schools/Food Service Department
    • Educator of the Year: Robert Duffey
    • Volunteer of the Year: Dave Ferguson 
    • Public Safety/First Responder of the Year: Officer Bob Stump, Dewitt Township Police 
    • Distinguished Veteran Award: Lt. Col Steven Hay, USAF
    • Hometown Hero: Dawn-Marie Joseph

    2023 Chamber Awards Dinner

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  • State Scorecard Results and Annual Education Report

    Posted by Adam Spina on 1/20/2023 8:01:00 AM

    District Podcast Special Edition

    This edition features WCS Supervisor of Technology James Doyen. Listen to it here or use the following links:


    State Scorecard Results and Annual Education Report

    WCS achieved high marks on both of the recently released state accountability systems. Williamston High School earned the highest score index in Mid-Michigan for the fourth consecutive year, a 97.49/100. This result includes a student proficiency rating of 100, a student growth rating of 99.66, and a graduation rate of 98%. 

    On the state letter grade system, all district schools participating in the state assessment program earned a proficiency grade of “A.” Additionally, all eligible schools were listed as Reward Schools, the highest rating on that accountability metric. 

    Media coverage of the scorecard results can be viewed here.

    The WCS Annual Education Report has been published and can be found here.

    Congratulations! Thank you to our staff, parents, and community for their support and ongoing contributions to the success of Williamston students and schools.

    Representatives from the school board and administration present WPD Chief Jim Wolf a plaque thanking him for his service to WCS and the Williamston Community:

    Plaque presented to Jim Wolf upon his retirement as WPD Chief of Police.

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  • WCS and the Community

    Posted by Adam Spina on 1/13/2023 7:15:00 AM

    District Podcast Special Edition

    This edition features Williamston Middle School Educator Kelly Cruce. Listen to it here or use the following links:


    WCS and the Community:

    WCS released a new video this week highlighting the special relationship between our school district and the Williamston Community. I appreciate the involvement of community members who participated. The video was produced with support from the Michigan Association of School Boards and the WCS technology department. Enjoy!:

    View “WCS and the Community”

    A highlight of the week for many preschool and elementary students; an air conditioning unit is installed for the Explorer Elementary gymnasium, part of the District’s ongoing HVAC upgrades:

    Explorer Gym A/C Unit Install, JAN 23


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