• Welcome to Explorer Elementary!

    Whether you are just inquiring about our school or getting ready to enroll a new student, we are happy to provide you with this information.  We are extremely proud of our school, our staff and our community.  We believe that Explorer is “a great place to learn,” and we hope you will agree!

    All new students must provide the following information to be admitted into Williamston Community Schools: 

    · State Certified Birth Certificate  - (we will make a copy)

    · Immunization Record  - We prefer to have this at the time of enrollment, but we understand that you are in transition so we can obtain from your child's file from the previous school.  Please note the Immunization Schedule is available at Ingham County Health Department and will help verify the necessary immunizations.

    · History of Varicella  - (Chickenpox) Disease Please complete this form if your child did not have the varicalla vaccine but has had chickenpox disease (Reliable History of Varicella)

    -Consent for Disclosure of Immunization Information

    · Home Language Survey  - (Home Language Survey)

    · Permission Form  - for field trips, photograph permission, directory information and internet use agreement (Permission Form 22&23 & Technology & Internet Use Agreement)

    · Pick up & Drop Off Information is updated every fall.  Here is an example from a previous year -  (Car Loop & Dismissal Procedures)

    · Proof of Residency  - (rent receipt, mortgage payment, utility bill or property tax receipt—unfortunately a driver’s license is not an acceptable proof) (Proof of Residency)

    · Release of Records -  for students transferring from another school district (Release of Records)

    · Responsible Thinking Information  - (Responsible Thinking )


    Birth certificates may be ordered in person and you can receive the copy while you wait; or you can order via fax or through the mail and the birth certificate(s) will be mailed to you in 5 to 7 business days.  Please submit a self-addressed stamped envelope when sending in your request.  Please provide the name at birth, date of birth, place of birth, and mother's maiden name.  You must also provide a copy of photo identification (driver's license preferred) whether applying in person, via fax or through the mail.

    Certified copy fees apply for these records.  If you would like to order a birth certificate by fax you must pay with a Visa or MasterCard.

    Visit Ingham County Health Department  for the application:  


    Please complete all enrollment forms and return them to the Explorer Elementary office.  If you have any questions, please call our office: 655-2174.  Thank you.