Welcome to Williamston High School!


    We are happy that you have chosen our community and that your student is becoming a part of our school family.  We recognize that coming into a new community and a new school, plus making friends can be hard for some students. We want to help you and your student make the transition as smoothly as possible.


    All students must provide the following information to be admitted to Williamston High School.

    • Proof of Residency-the acceptable forms of proof is rent receipt, lease agreement, mortgage payment, utility bill (water, electricity, telephone (not cell phone), cable, or property tax receipt. -Proof of Residency Form
    • Immunization Records-To get a copy of your child's immunization record, you can go to https://www.mcir.org/ and click on the "Public" box. Then click on "Request your Official State of Michigan Immunization Record".  Also, the immunization schedule is on the Ingham County Health Department's website.
    • Certified Birth Certificate-(we will make a copy)-Can't find your birth certificate?  Students born in Michigan can request a certified birth certificate by calling the Department of Community Health at (517)-335-8666 or at the website https://www.michigan.gov/mdhhs
    • Student Registration Form-Please fill out all sections, date, and sign the form. (Student Registration Form)
    • Race/Ethnicity Background Form-(Race/Ethnicity Background)
    • Home Language Survey-(Home Language Survey)
    • Consent for Disclosure of Immunization to Local & State Health Department-this allows us to talk to the health department concerning your immunizations. (Consent for Disclosure of Immunization Information)
    • Request For Transfer of School Records-This allows us to request records from the previous school you attended. (Records Request Form)
    • Permission Form 2024-2025-Gives permission for field trips, to be photographed, directory information, military recruitment opt-out, and acknowledgement of the Student Handbook & Code of Conduct. (Permission Form 2024-2025) 
    • Transportation Form-Riding bus to/from school and field trips.  (Transportation Form)
    • Lab Safety Contract & Technology/Internet Use- (Lab Safety Rules & Contract) (Technology & Internet Usage Rules & Agreement)
    • MHSAA New Student Form 2023-2024 (MHSAA New Student 2023-2024)

    Additional forms for your information

     If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 517-655-2142 ext. 7005 or email me at smithm@gowcs.net


    Michelle Smith
    Administrative Assistant WHS Principal