Little Hornets Registration Information

  • Little Hornets Application

    Little Hornets Preschool participates in a common application process with the Ingham Intermediate School District. All new and returning Little Hornet families must go to to fill out an application. This application process will determine a child's eligibility for Head Start or a Great Start Readiness Program Grant as well as allows us to serve the needs of young children across our county.  (This common application is step one in our registration process, but is not a registration material specific to our program)

    Great Start Readiness Program tuition free grants may be available for children who are four by September 1st.  Priority for registration will be given to residents of Ingham County through October 1. After that, residents of other counties may register with approval from the county of residence. 


    Little Hornets Registration

    Registration can occur throughout the school year based on class availability. Registration for the upcoming school year occurs the previous April for the Little Hornets Program and in May for the Kids' Corner Program. Little Hornets children must be three or four years by September 1st and toilet trained to register for the upcoming school year.


    The following items will be submitted with a registration packet and must be on file to attend Little Hornet Preschool:

    • ISD Application (
    • Registration Form, Parent Contract, Permission Form, Health Appraisal Form (available only in the Little Hornet/Kids Corner office)
    • Birth Certificate (copy with State Seal)
    • Emergency Card
    • Immunization Record or waiver

    Fee information:

    • $46.00 non-refundable registration fee per person - $82 for families
    • $7.50 tote bag fee
    • $100.00 down payment 


    Additional information and documentation will be requested if receiving a Great Start Readiness Program Grants.


    Registration for the 2021-22 school year opens on the following schedule:

    • April 26 for currently enrolled returning families
    • May 3 to the general public


    2020-21 Little Hornet tuition rates