Kids' Camp & Little Hornets Summer Camp

  • Williamston's Kids' Camp & Little Hornets Summer Camp        



    Kids' Camp and Little Hornets Summer Camp is a child care and enrichment program licensed by the Bureau of Regulatory Services & Child Day Care Licensing.   Our camps are directed by a qualified, experienced supervisor and great teachers. We are located at 420 Highland Street, Williamston (NW corner of Explorer Elementary)


    Kids' Camp is for children who have completed Young 5's through 5th grade.

    Little Hornet summer camp is for children 3 years of age, who are toilet trained and have completed a year of preschool (not yet in kindergarten).


    When: Program is open from 6:45 am-6:00 pm

    Choice of 3 days per week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and  Thursday) or 5 days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)


    Rates for Kids' Camp 2024:

    $15 registration fee per child

    Part week (3 days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) $147.00

    Full week (5 days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) $236.25

    Campers will:

    • Experience the joys of friendship 

    • Join in group games 

    • Be creative with arts and crafts

    • Get silly learning summer camp songs 

    • Discover nature and explore the great outdoors

    • Think scientifically and solve challenging puzzles

    • Laugh, sing, and have fun with friends

    • Enjoy fun summertime snacks daily with weekly baking treats

    • Experience weekly guest visitors or outdoor walking field trips around the community

    • And SO MUCH MORE!

     Pre-registration is required for all Kids' Corner programming. Registration is completed virtually. Camp enrollment is limited and filled on a first come basis.

    Registration opens:

    • March 13 for families previously enrolled in Kids' Camp
    • March 18 for the general public

    Call the Kids' Corner office at 517-655-4637,  email at or stop by at 420 Highland St. Williamston for registration information

    Themes for the 2024 Kids’ Camp:

    June 17 - 21: Enchanted forest 

    Join us to discover the magical side of things. This week will be full of myths and legends. Campers will be immersed into a world of magical creatures and mythical beings. Might we find dragons, elves, fairies, gnomes, unicorns, and giants? Have fun building up our gardens, making fairy houses, and much more!

    June 24 - 28: Survivor 

    Outwit, Outplay, Outlast! A week filled to the brim with individual and team challenges. Your soul survivor will be challenged in various obstacle courses, riddles, and daily challenges making this a week to remember..

    July 8 - 12: Welcome to Jurassic Park!

    Did you ever wish that dinosaurs were still alive? During this prehistoric-themed week, find your way into some colossal fun. Our campers will make dinosaur feet, construct exploding volcanoes, and explore the world of the unknown in a special animal visit.

    July 15 - 19: Mystery 

    Calling all detectives and mad scientists. This week is full of mysteries and questions that need solutions. Send your camper to help us with different STEM projects, daily quests, and scavenger hunts.  

    July 22 - 26: Olympic trials 

    Get your game face ready! Campers will get the opportunity for fun, friendly competition and sportsmanship. With various sports and challenges for your camper to participate in, this week will be filled with games to promote teamwork, perseverance, and fair play. 

    July 29 - August 2: Adventure time

    Bring your walking shoes, we are going exploring! We will be venturing off of the campsite this week and taking walking trips around the community to visit various parks and businesses. Hold on tight school age campers as we are on an adventure outside of this world. 

    August 5 - 9 The final countdown

    Join us as we close out Kids’ Camp 2024 with all the summertime favorites. Ice cream, NESIA waterplay, and a campers lunch will be highlights of your camper’s summer.