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  • COVID-19 Grants for Teachers and Support Staff

    The Governor set aside "grant" funds to provide additional pay for educators. These grants will be issued directly from the Department of Treasury, not Williamston Community Schools. We have received limited guidance regarding these grants. Therefore, we are sharing what we know as of November 6. 

    The Department of Treasury grant has two applicable sections: K-12 Classroom Teachers and K-12 Support Staff.  Those who qualify under the Treasury definitions as K-12 Classroom Teachers may be eligible for up to a $500 grant from the Treasury.  Those who qualify under the Treasury definition as K-12 Support Staff may be eligible for up to a $250 grant from the Treasury.  Qualification is determined based on an employee’s position between April 2, 2020, and June 30, 2020.  

    Each eligible classroom teacher or support staff who worked during the 2019-20 period of COVID-19 school closure must submit an application if they want to be considered for the grant. The guidance as of November 6* is that all administrators and early childhood staff, including preschool staff, do not qualify.  Each eligible applicant must certify they met one of the following from April 2 - June 30, 2020:

    • Worked additional time spent outside of normal working hours
    • Experienced hazardous conditions, or
    • Incurred additional costs related to ensuring students could effectively participate in their school's continuity of learning plan

    Follow these steps for submission:

    1. Fill out the application provided by Williamston Community Schools. If you did not receive an application and believe you are eligible, please contact Pam Reinke in Human Resources.
    2. Submit the application via US Postal Service Williamston Community Schools, Attn: Pam Reinke, 418 Highland St., Williamston, MI 48895 by 4:30 p.m. on December 4. 
    3. Williamston Community Schools will submit the information to the Department of Treasury for consideration by December 16.
    4. If approved, the Department of Treasury will mail the check directly to each staff member at the end of February.

    Frequently Asked Questions and other resources prepared by the Department of Treasury are available for review.

    * This may change if we receive more information from the Department of Treasury after November 6. 


    Form 5734 - Teacher & School Support Staff COVID-19 Grants Certification

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