• Wondering what it takes to get into the different colleges and universities in Michigan? Check out this easy to read table showing the average GPA and test score for each college!


    College Average Requirements Worksheet


    College Word Jumble

  • Trying to figure out where to go to college?

    Here are some questions you should ask to help narrow your search:

    • Does the college offer your major?
    • Is there a variey of areas of study in case you change majors?
    • Are the academic programs rigorous?
    • How many students are in each class?
    • What types of financial aid does the school offer?
    • How affordable is the school after financial aid has been awarded?
    • Are there internship, co-op, and study abroad opportunities?
    • What is the campus city or town like? (Rural or Urban)
    • What is the weather like? (Snow, rain, heat, etc.)
    • How important is distance from home?
    • Are there on and off-campus living guidelines?
    • What are the on and off-campus dining options?
    • Is there academic tutoring and career counseling?
    • Is there a fitness facility for students?
    • Are there on-campus activities for students?
    • What clubs, intramural sports, varsity sports, and service activities are available?
    • What are some alumni success stories?
    • Is the school a good fit for you?


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