The Williamston Middle School Counseling office includes Mrs. McKinney, school counselor, and Mrs. Michalski, school social worker.  Our purpose is to support, enhance, and enrich the process of student learning.  We assist students in a variety of ways related to their academic progress, behavioral growth, and social and emotional health. We deliver support through individual counseling, small group counseling, large group guidance, consultation, and coordination.


    Mrs. McKinney and Mrs. Michalski are active members of many WMS problem solving teams, including the Behavior Response Team, Student Assistance Team, grade level teams, and Restorative Justice team. Helping students thrive during middle school is our goal.


    Students are encouraged to join our WMS Counseling Office Google Classroom.  This site provides an abundance of resources for students on topics ranging from anxiety and depression to coping skills, physical health, bullying and many more.  These resources can help students navigate through a variety of life experiences in or out of school.  Students can email Mrs. Mckinney or Mrs. Michalski to join.


    Through our schoolwide be nice. initiative, we provide school lessons to all students on mental health and social-emotional wellbeing throughout the school year. Lessons may include information on anxiety, depression, health living, coping skills, friendship, communication skills, anti-bullying, and perspective taking.  See the be nice. link for more information.


    Click on the links below for more information:

    WMS Mental Health Resource

    Local Mental Health Resource

    Tri-County Community Health Guide

    be nice. Crisis Hotlines  



     Mrs. McKinney                                                                           Mrs. Michalski

     Mrs. McKinney                                                                                              Mrs. Michalski

    mckinna@gowcs.net                                                                                      michala@gowcs.net

    (517) 655-4668 x 6520                                                                                  (517) 655-4668 x 6530